When you're done chasing happiness in the future, you're ready for inner peace now. In the present.

Learning to be present is for people who want more than career and financial success. It's for people who want to get the most out of our one short life.

Video: How to tell you're not living in the present

PresentLiving.com helps you master the present moment:

A former corporate vice-president, John Kuypers received the wake-up call of his life.  He blacked out on the family room floor at age 34, awakening to the sobering reality that he was chronically unhappy and stressed out.  He needed to make real changes or risk dying. Three years later, John learned that the solution to his racing mind, sleepless nights, exhausted body and unhappy marriage lay in one phrase – living in the present.

John spent 14 years mastering the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical challenges of inner peace by focusing on the present moment.  The result is five books, thousands of audience members, and a passionate desire to help others find the inner peace that comes with being present, centered and grounded in something bigger than all of us – faith in God.