20 Ways to Be More Present

This list is an excerpt from What’s Important Now: Shedding the Past So You Can Live in the Present, by leadership coach John Kuypers:

1. Get enough sleep. Getting enough sleep is my number-one priority.

2. Exercise & stretch. Anything that demands full concentration of your body and muscles.

3. Eat a balanced diet. Be conscious of what is going into your body each day.

4. What is your body telling you? If you feel “off”, are you avoiding what’s important now for you?

5. Breathe deeply. I do a wide-open “wolf-howl” and I get instant relief from tension.

6. Stop obsessive-compulsive thinking. Just how important is this “crisis” in the big picture?

7. Use an analytical decision-making method. Pros and cons. Keep, start, stop.

8. Put off decisions until they have to be made. There is limited upside in thinking too soon.

9. Slow down. Resist the desire to wish you could do more than one thing at once.

10. Make no assumptions. Take notice of how often your “instant” assumptions turn out to be wrong.

11. How is this emotion serving you? Discover what belief you are holding on to. Then let it go.

12. Be playful. Any cranky two-year-old feels better once something new and exciting is happening.

13. Validate your feelings. Your Inner Child wants to be heard. Are you there for you?

14. Listen in the Present. It’s not about you. Mirror and empathize with how the other person feels.

15. Patch up key relationships. Old wounds resurface until healed. You can run but you can’t hide.

16. Don’t use threats. Persist in asking for what you want. Then do what’s right for you.

17. Whisper in response to yelling. You get what you give.

18. Find the silver lining. Every “disaster” will lead to something positive.

19. Seek and act on your Inner Knowing. Don’t rely solely on thinking and feeling.

20. Meditate. This clears your mind so you can reconnect to What’s Important Now for you.

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