Living IN the present vs. living FOR the present

John Kuypers, spiritual pilgrimLiving IN the present is not the same as living FOR the present.  IN means you are doing what needs getting done NOW with an awareness of the past and the future.  FOR means doing what you want to do now regardless of future consequences or past lessons.  Big difference.

A farmer knows that he needs to make hay now, while the sun shines, in order to feed his cattle all winter long.  That is being IN the present.

A businessman who only sees future growth potential, living only for tomorrow’s dreams may never be satisfied with today’s achievements.  That is living in the future.

A rejected lover who only sees a love lost, may pine endlessly for a return to the days of bliss. That is living in the past.

A teenager who procrastinates on studying is living FOR the present, not IN the present.

A person living FOR the present needs to numb out the quiet inner voice that urges him or her on what’s important to do now.  Drinking, smoking, sex, workaholism and any other “ism” is the usual way to dull the senses.

A person living IN the present eagerly seeks to hear their quiet inner voice, and wishes to do its bidding.  This is the spiritual side of us. Our soul beckons us to be one with God.  Humility is required because our human nature wants to do our own thing.  That is ego and pride.

Inner peace is the sign of being IN the present. Anxiety is the sign of living FOR the present.  One is vulnerable. The other is buried behind thick inner walls, numbed out, angry or depressed.

You have a choice. We all have a choice.



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