Heartwarming letters from people who made positive changes by being more present and connected to their inner self.

Hi John,

I want to thank you for everything! Believe it or not! Ever since I received your first e-mail regarding the present moment, I’ve been thinking, crying and also trying to change myself. All of a sudden, I see things differently, I think differently, and I even ask myself why I behave as I behaved before?

The past is no longer important to me anymore, what is important is the present moment! Then I found out how many people I’ve been ignoring for the last few months, I didn’t pay attention to them because I’m too busy thinking about the past and how to correct my mistakes!

My best friend (we knew each other since we were 12 and we still keep in touch for the last 30+ years, oops! you can probably guess my age by now…….) called me from Hong Kong July 1st and asked me to meet her in Vancouver, and I did!

If it were a few months ago, I would probably say no because I have to catch up with my goals which I am falling behind………….. But now I am living in the present moment, I am thinking if I don’t meet her now and something happens to her or me tomorrow, I will regret for the rest of my life. So I went and I had the most wonderful time of my life!

Everybody, I mean everybody told me I have change so much ever since I returned from Vancouver, and they said, vacation is really a good thing to charge up your energy! But what they don’t know is I am living and enjoying my present moment, everyday and everybody are things that I enjoy now, the heck with my goals!

And I even notice my attitude change as well, everybody is a good person now, the person that I don’t like before is actually not a bad person at all and I wonder why I didn’t like them before?????

Everybody at work told me how much I laugh ever since I came back from holiday and I don’t feel that bad when I lost a big sale 3 days ago………..(of course it WAS 3 days ago!)

I ask myself why I never notice the sky is so very blue and the flowers are so beautiful, the weather is so nice and even the warm breeze is so refreshing. My husband is actually so cute even his belly is so big just like a nine month pregnant woman…………….

The world is sooooo beautiful!

So live your present moment and pay attention to everything surrounding you everyday and you find out you are living in a perfect world!

Thanks John! I am glad I know you and you are just beautiful!

Cecilia K., Ontario, Canada


Dear John,

I have read your first book several times and it has changed my life. I highlight important sentences….and some pages I have highlighted the whole page!

My inner peace and happiness is more constant now than just a fleeting moment every few years….and I believe my mental health is much stronger because of your philosophies. It has changed my work life and personal life to be more authentic and to change some not-helpful beliefs.

Great work, and God bless for you taking the time to write such helpful and honest books for us to help us guide us on our journey.


Lisa Z, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


I have read John’s book and attended several of his lectures. They have had a powerful influence on my career: specifically, with my ability to be present in challenging work situations that require focus and negotiation. I use John’s six doorways as opportunities to take action in my day-to-day life. Here are a few of the new rules I now live by:

1. Truly listen to others. Focus on what they are saying (rather then drifting away or drumming up how you will respond).
2. Trust yourself and have the confidence to live in the present. Let go of the past and all the worries you have about the future.
3. Trust your “inner knowing” (i.e. your “inner voice”) when making decisions. Why? Because thoughts and logic are based on the information at hand (which is always limited), and emotions are based on past experiences.
4. Listen to your Body. Your body is always in the present and acts like a “barometer”.
5. Be authentic, and reveal your true thoughts and feelings in the moment. In doing this, “who you really” emerges.
6. Take risks, and risk disapproval!

As an example, I used these techniques in an important meeting, where I was working with a colleague to negotiate staffing and resources. I have always had challenges communicating with this individual. We view things very differently. After attending John’s lecture the night before, I decided to enter this meeting using a completely new approach: incorporating what I had learned the night before. I was determined to be present and give my colleague my full attention. Rather than focusing on how I would respond to each of his statements, I listened intently and remained present. I detached myself from expectations and outcomes, and communicated authentically and honestly. To my surprise, the communication and responses from my colleague were completely different from our usual conversations. We were able to reach agreement and consensus, and we both left the meeting feeling satisfied with our decisions.
Liane Shura, Toronto, Canada



I am focusing on “staying in the present”.. having gifted myself with a copy of your book WIN. Also , I am going to attempt to re-invent my schedule by inserting the “opposites ” of actions that certify I am NOT present.. if I can remember …..ha ha !!

At the same time I am aware of how many people need to know more about this, and find myself shying away from those clearly not present. My listening skills are improving. The feeling is good. My awareness of not being present when I am with others is very clear, on reflection.

I will write to you as I read. Early response to what I am reading , essentially can be captured by, “This is practical and it works – not a lot of psycho – babble – that quite frankly does the opposite for me.”
Rosalind K, Ontario Canada


Hello John,

I work in the public administration, as a department manager in a medium sized municipality. My work in management became more and more stressful and I simply didn’t like it any more. At home I became cranky, I slept poorly and I felt badly. In November, after months of inner struggle, I decided that I didn’t want to be a manager anymore. I wanted to do work I love and work that I am good at. In short, I told my boss I would like to quit my job and wanted to do something else, in the same organization. Take a few steps back (even if that would cost me a lot of money, a lower salary).

The fact that one of the managers wanted to step down the ladder again is very unusual. No one had ever done that. But I did and I am happy with it! They didn’t want to lose me, so they found a good job for me that fits me very well. I am going to work only work four days a week and spend one day alone with the kids. A great choice! I start the job in March, but I already feel like another person now! So a lot of the thoughts in your book were recognizable for me. I listened to my body, didn’t think too much about the consequences and how all the people would react, etc. I simply did it. John, I enjoyed your book. Keep up the good work! And maybe I will read your new book as well when you’ve finished it.

Lots of greetings from Holland!

Name withheld by request


Hi John,
Thank you for the first win thought. It comes on the most appropriate time when I most need it. Your book What’s Important Now… is giving so many real moments in my life now. I live for NOW. Thanks. God Bless you.

Joyce T., Ontario Canada

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